The Confession from A Harem

The Confession from A Harem

Our eyes are one of the most precious parts of the human body but also soul. You do everything with your eyes, they whiteness every action of yours and sometimes that’s tiring. It may cause your lids to feel heavy. Sometimes we all get tired of the endless responsibilities we have and the burdens of life and it’s perfectly normal to search for a little peace from time to time. That’s why God gave you sleep as a way to pause and recharge for the new day. It’s okay to be tired, to want to close your eyes and escape in your world for a bit, in a dream. Close your eyes and look for peace, close your eyes and hope for tranquility, dream even if it means to escape reality for a second. When you’re done, reset and keep moving forward.

Painting dimensions: 18 in x 14 in.

Medium used: acrylic paint on canvas & fabric.

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