People overthink so much that it gets to the point when they feel like their head is literally going to explode. We probably all felt that feeling of brain nausea when you have all these thoughts and it feels like an endless loop of “what if” decisions. Those are the ones that are eventually going to drive you crazy because the possibilities are endless and you already made one decision. So, you start to question if it’s the right one only to find out that there are no wrong or right ones, there are only decisions that lead to certain outcomes. The brain isn’t programmed to leave things unfinished and it constantly tries to find a pattern even in places where there is none. So, this may feel like an explosion and the best way to calm it down is to simply let it be and let it go. Let the explosion around you and inside you be and eventually it will pass.

Second description: The endless thoughts of a woman’s mind. The woman’s mid functions in very complicated and mysterious patterns. Explosion of thoughts because it’s hard to be a woman.

Painting dimensions: 24 in x 30 in.

Medium used: acrylic paint on canvas.


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