Self Youth

Self Youth

It’s sad how sometimes women have to put down their head and bow down to societies rules. It’s exhausting to be a woman in this world. So many standards you have to live up to. Who says you have to reach them? What are we even fighting for? The pose means accepting “destiny” as some people call it, put down your crown and accept what you have to do. No! Being a woman is so much more than what society says so take your crown, put it back and let the world bow down to you! Do whatever makes you happy and be whatever you want to be. It’s sounds so simple and it’s even a cliché sentences nowadays but it’s so hard to achieve what you personally find fulfilling. Get your attitude back, fix your crown and keep moving towards your goals. Because we are women and we can do anything and everything.

Painting dimensions: 18 in x 24 in.

Medium used: acrylic paint on canvas.

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